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Looking for something a little different but can't quite put your finger on it? Here at Menzfabrics.ca we are committed to search high and low for 'masculine inspired' fabrics or men's inspired fashion. Isn't it about time you had a store to call your own? We thought so!! Just so you know EVERYONE is welcome.

At menzfabrics.ca we have curated a small selection of fabrics so far. But hey, we are not done! We are still looking. Yes we have the usual such as camouflage but we picked a camouflage that may not work in the wilderness but in the wilderness of the concrete jungle.

Hope you enjoy shopping with us and we are going to love creating with you!

Sew get those creative juices flowing!

Menzfabrics.ca sure wants to see what you are creating, don't be shy and share with us!  @menzfabrics.ca

Hi, my name is Shari and I am the owner behind MenzFabrics.ca. Here I will share a little about me. I learned to sew when I was around six years old. Have always loved everything about sewing. When I was a teen which was a very long time ago I use to make myself some wild looking outfits and to be fair it was the 80's. lol  The attraction to sewing is there is always something new to learn. I spent 8 years running a sewing and alteration business. Where I learned a lot about clothing construction. I also worked a couple of years for a home decorating studio. Then I had the opportunity to work at a world famous Canadian men's underwear company. I loved it. Always learning new techniques in sewing. I have experience in working with fabrics, whether it is apparel or even home decor.

The question I get asked the most is;

Why start a men's Fabric Store?

In answering the obvious why not? Seriously, when I discovered the online sewing community I always wondered where and why is there not more about men's fashion and sewing. I always found it a struggle in searching for the fabric for men's apparel a frustrating process. The selection is sparse and unimaginative in my part of the world. So I have had this idea for the past three or four years. When I see ready to wear men's fashion, I immediately think I want some fabric like that but then cannot find it. I am still being challenged in that regard. The search for great fabric choices continues. I hope you like some of the fabric selections so far.

As said earlier it may be a curated selection of fabrics with men in mind but the fabric is available to everyone.

We at Menzfabrics.ca do love the creativity and inspiration our patrons have. Explaining what we mean by that, is when you look at a fabric what do you see? This is where the inspiration kicks in. What better way to explain an idea than to show you a photo. 

Photo was taken by Duane MacLeod and the coat was made by Duane MacLeod @mainelymenswear.
Permission to use this photo was given to Menzfabrics.ca by Duane MacLeod.
I hope you check out his blog post about this Adorable coat he made for his grandson @mainelymenswear.
He used fabric from Menzfabrics.ca  and this, too cute for words, coat is what he envisioned to make with the fabric he saw. We think it is fabulous.
What are you going to make?
Can't wait to work with you and see what you make!