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Summer always goes by so fast it seems. MenzFabrics hope you were all able to enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather. In Canada fall is a special time. It is a time for change and reflection. Personally fall is my favorite of seasons. The colors of the leaves in all their glory as nature gets ready for its sleepy winter. It is a time for sweaters and warmer layers of clothes and boots. As far as menzfabrics.ca is concerned you can never have enough jackets or for that matter boots. Menzfabrics has curated a collection of fabrics with fall and winter in mind. The camouflage collection can help you blend in to nature or stand out in the city. Inspiration is endless for jackets. Then the Coating collection has the typical black wool which would make a timeless tailored piece if you were so inclined. The coat would last you many seasons depending on the cut you choose. Once again inspiration and creativity. Also in the coating collection we have some bold plaid wool blends which could make some show stopper coats. Actually the camouflage wool blend is one of Menzfabrics'  favorite. Menzfabrics hope the fabrics speaks to your creative side and you are able to construct spectacular wardrobe pieces.

Inspiring our clients is very important for MenzFabrics.ca. We want our clients to create and be inspired to make garments that show your personality. Of course we want to see what you make, so don't be shy and share your creative voice with @menzfabrics.ca on Instagram. Can't wait to see your creative side so you can inspire us!

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