Fall Is Here and so is Camouflage:

Blend in or Stand Out ?

Camouflage nature did it first.  Camouflage is cryptic coloration a way to disguise appearance and blend in to surroundings. The best way for us mere humans to be camouflaged , if so desired, is by using textiles. The clothes individuals wear are patterned and colored in some way to acquire a certain effect.  Camouflage has come a long way from its early beginnings. Back when military uniforms were brightly colored and stood out a little too much. It became a life saving tool to become camouflaged or less noticeable.

No one takes camouflage more seriously than the military. Engineering camouflage is serious business and well it should be. The art of concealment and adapting oneself to their environment is quite a task. It requires rigorous life saving training and skill. The cloak of invisibility may not be that far off for technology surrounding camouflage is still evolving.

Second to the military would be Outdoor Outfitters who take camouflage seriously and is big business. There designs are plentiful and varied. With technology comes new patterns and designs.  Digitally printed textiles or pixelated prints or just old fashioned disruptive coloration.

Then there is the fashion industry which takes camouflage and just has fun with it. Taking what is actually a life saving tool and changing it to be an artistic palette of color and design. Camouflage comes in all sorts of patterns, colors and fabrications. 

Blend in or Stand out that is the question? I personally think camouflage is fascinating. The study of how it is developed and how it is all about visual effect to confuse the eye. 

 Of which several varieties are available at Currently in stock is rip stop perfect for hunting jackets that will need to stand up to rugged wear. Also in stock is canvas and a twill equally sturdy. Last but not least, for warmth we have a wool blend which will make a long lasting garment for many seasons.


As you can see in the above photos a few examples of camouflage and there differences.


Nature does it best. I think it is amazing and beautiful how perfectly these birds can blend into there surroundings.

 The picture above is of an American Woodcock and the picture below is a Barred Owl.  Both pictures were taken by Shari Knight of


Maybe you will think of camouflage a little differently in the future. Think of how you dress to blend in or stand out? 






















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